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Note: all retail sales donate $5 to support unemployed staff.

Wellness and Skin Care Clinic and Wellness and Skin Care Technologies are native from Greenville area. With more than 20 years developing solutions for skincare professionals the company has expanded to several other areas in the USA to continue helping our clients their healthiest skin possible with minimal skin irritation.

As of today, Greenville location still operational, and continue to service your needs and orders with the same high standards that we have been providing in the past. These are uncertain times and we thank you for your patience as we deliver essential services to each of you. In order to practice social distancing we are working with a reduced team, and as a result, our lead times will be longer than usual. We thank you for understanding.

Being an ISO Certified facility we are following strict quality guidelines for production, repackaging, control, storage and shipment of cosmetic ingredients. In addition, we are following CDC guidelines in keeping our facility clean and safe, following proper procedures when it comes to sanitation of the facility, and personal protection. Our staff is properly trained and has the needed equipment to make it a safe environment.

We are constantly updating our planning to be able to react to this developing crisis. We thank you for your support and patience during this time. Stay safe.

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