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How do I know what ingredients are good for my skin?

We recommend to have your skin care evaluation with one of our estheticians prior ordering your product. We divide our ingredients in two groups professional ingredients and Safe Ingredients. Safe ingredients include all our plant extracts and oils. Our professional ingredients will be available to order only through one of our skin care specialist.

You can find the whole active ingredients list in the link below, and every base in our webstore will show you all the options available for that particular base. Our Active ingredients list is constantly updated as we are adding new ingredients every day.

How do I place an order?

- First, you need a membership to place an order or submit a professional formulation service.

- Website order(license professionals and VIP members) , on the skincare tab in this website, You will select an active ingredient, then select a base and add up and the fragrance (optional). Alternatively, select a fragrance (fragrance section) and add it to a base.

- Professional formulators: you will find the order/request form on the resources center tab. you can locate the resources center once you log in. Once your order/request is sent, the lab will quote the request and they will send you an invoice.  All invoices have a 3 day to be paid fully before enters into production.

What is the Formulation Recommended Actives Card?

It is a service for professional formulation membership. After filling out the skin evaluation, the lab creates The Recommended Actives card unique for your client's needs. It is a tool to help professional formulators to create the perfect skincare product for their clients. It works as a reference for all the active ingredients recommended to create the perfect combination.

How can I start membership?

To start a membership please follow the link below, select the membership you are interested in; then, the system will take you to sign up/ login page, please select sign up and fill out the information include the license number (if applicable) and then click submit. You should be redirected to the payment page. submit the information and that is it! You can start customizing your products right away. Once you submit your order, our lab will contact you to complete the label design and submit the order for production. Please have your logo ready, the sooner the order it for production the faster you will have your product. VIP for professionals Memberships will check your license every time you submit an order. Expired licenses will automatically cancel the order and the membership. 


Memberships Link  


 If you have any further questions please let us know. 

Will I be able to purchase multiple items to keep and retail to my clients?  

Yes, you will be able to order multiple items per order. We recommend to order a max 6 of each item, keep in mind that if you order more than 6  of each item the order will take longer to manufacture.

What do packaging and label look like?

For VIP members the label looks like the picture below at no charge. If you are interested in customized labels, you can submit the order and our design team will prepare 4 options to choose from. All your products will use that template. The cost for customized labels is $500 and you need a Professional membership. 

 I have logos for products already, will that still cost me?

It is up to you, Basic labels can re-use your logos at no charge, but if you want a special design for your label it will have a cost. Basic labels look like the picture above (clear color)

 I have my own labels, Can I relabel my products? 

Yes! Absolutely you can use your labels. However, our lab can not take the responsibility of storage or file your labels and your products can not leave production without a proper label. Typically, the only packaging that is an issue for this purpose is our airless 0.5 oz, 1.0 oz, and 1.5 oz Jars. The labels for all the other airless bottles are easily removable. So, the way around this is to add a note at the checkout letting us know that you are requesting outside-jar labels. Example below. In that way, when you get your order, you can easily swipe labels. Please remember: every product is tested before leaving our production lab if you open the airless jar you can open the product for contamination and degradation of active ingredients. ALL our products are packaged in airless containers and made fresh for you and should not be open to the environment.    
Important Reminder: Make sure your labels are in compliance with FDA Cosmetic Label Guidance. 

What preservatives do the products use? 

Since every product is unique, our team of chemists will decide what preservatives will work best for your product. We avoid at all cost the use of parabens and sulfates in all our formulas and we use airless bottles only to extend to the max the life of your active ingredient. Additionally, we mainly use preservatives that meet two criteria:

  • listed on the Whole Foods Acceptable Premium Preservative List

  • Approved for use as an ingredient in Ecocert Certified Organic products

We assume that any product is for immediate use and will not be standing on a shelf for years. For that reason, we only recommend using the products within 3 to 6 months. Every label will include the manufacturing date and recommended used by date 

Can I choose the Bottles?

Unfortunately no. All our bottles are preselected in order to maintain the product fresh and free of contaminants. For that, we only use airless bottles and jars

How do I know if the product is right for me?

We offer different sizes, we recommend ordering a travel size, which is 1/4 of oz, to try how your product works on your skin. However, We always recommend following your skincare specialist advice. You can book an appointment for a complete skincare evaluation, skin treatment, and product assessment.

How long does it take to process an order

Since it is a customized product, the time varies a lot. Typically take 2 weeks to complete an order. However, time also depends on some ingredients availability and testing; so processing time we will be between 2 to 6 weeks.

Note: Every sale on this website is a lab order, if for some reason the lab cannot process the order within the frame time of 2 to 6 weeks, we will cancel your order and return your money.

Can I order just a fragrance and a base?

Yes, you will find different options to customize your product. Just select the product and you will be presented with all possible options


Are the fragrances certified? 

Yes, each fragrance has a certificate of analysis. That certificate is made by a specialized lab in the USA. You can ask for the certificate if it is not available for download on the website. Sometimes that certificate might have a cost.

Are the bases comedogenic (cause a breakout)

It is very hard to give a precise answer. Every skin is very different from another, some people might experience a break out due to the sensitivity of certain ingredients while others will not.  In general, most oils are potentially comedogenic.  If you are currently using creamy moisturizers, chances are low. However, please check the ingredients list in each base formula before you order it. we have a wide selection of bases to choose from. If you have doubts, you can order a bases sample pack that includes 4 bases travel size.

We recommend to order a sample bases pack and choose the most suitable for your skin before adding any active ingredients

If I customize my product, will the formula be mine?

No, you will not own the formula, but you will own a product that you have created. A unique product for your unique skin.

Are the active ingredients natural & organic?

Natural & Organic is a very blurry definition. We will specify if an ingredient holds organic certifications.

Are the products vegan?

If a base is vegan it will be specified on the page. Active ingredients are usually plan derived or lab synthesized by different methods.Please check the ingredients list to determine what base fits you better.

Looking to private label vegan skincare

We offer a wide range of options to create your vegan skincare products. See Below the list of bases and active ingredients. If you have a special request let us  know we can create a special order. Separate charges may apply. Let us clarify that we are not a private label company and we do not massively produce any of our products.

Capsules Collection


Bases list for Mask


Bases List link 


Bases Cleansers


Bases Serums 


Bases Toners


Active ingredients  (this list is constantly growing and some active ingredients are exclusively for professional formulators memberships) 

I am a professional Esthetician, will you customize products for my practice? 

Our only focus is to create unique formulas for every unique skin. We do not manufacture products in bulk and we do not offer private label services. However, we offer different programs to help you create a product for your office or your clients. More Info

Am I required to meet a minimum order?

No, you are not required to meet any kind of minimums.

Can Memberships be canceled at any time?

Yes. You can cancel your membership at any time. If you cancel your membership before after an order is for production, the order will still be fulfilled and you are responsible for it. Once an order is for production we cannot cancel it.

If I order a product, is this a subscription service?

No, your order is not a subscription service.

I have sensitive skin. Will the products benefit my skin? 

Our bases and most of our active ingredients available on the website are safe for all types of skins. However, every skin is different; for that reason, we recommend to order a travel size first and try the product before you order. Also, we recommend talking about your skin with your doctor and make sure you can use non-prescribed skincare.

We also recommend booking an appointment with our skin care specialist for a full skin evaluation and product assessment.


Will the product be shipped to other countries?

Right now we are only shipping to the USA. 

Are the products tested in animals?

We are all about the truth and we are concerned with animal cruelty. for that reason, Our products are not tested on animals ever. However, some active ingredients are tested in animal-derived cells. Those cells are cultivated in special labs for drugs and cosmetics testing. No animal cruelty involved.

Can I sell the products ordered from WSC Clinic

No.  Every product is created uniquely for your skin type.  We do not authorize resale of any product under the label Wellness and Skin Care Clinic. This statement does not apply to products manufactured by Wellness and Skin Care Technologies.

What are the terms and conditions of the website

You can find the terms and conditions in the link below or at the bottom of the page

Terms and conditions

Where are your products made

Our products are proudly made in the USA. However active ingredients will come from all over the world. 

I have allergies to certain ingredients, Can I use your products? 

All the active ingredients are listed on the website. However, we recommend to consult your doctor and make sure you are not allergic to the ingredients in the list. You can always order a travel size and perform a patch test in the back of your ear to eliminate all possibilities.

Looking to customize an SPF 

Per FDA recommendations, we only carry mineral options and you can customize it as a special request with most of our active ingredients. To have a sample you can order the samples pack or travel-size pack and request it to be sent. To customize the SPF base, we need to know what actives you would be interested in, max of 3 to 5 active ingredients are allowed (depends on the actives) and charges not specified on the website will apply.

Looking to customize body products.

 You have the option to choose from any base in our collection and request to be customized. This is also a special request and different charges will apply based on what size you need, what actives you wish, and the size of the product.

I would like to create a product with active ingredients not listed in the website :

We can help you create your order Just send us your request; however, keep in mind that we are cosmetics lab and not a private label company. different from private label companies we DO NOT massively produce any of our products. each product is unique. per FDA definition of cosmetics, NONE of active ingredients are considered a drug and 

the statements contained in this website herein have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These actives are not intended to diagnose, treat and cure or prevent disease. Always consult with your professional skin care provider. We provide cosmetics data from cosmetics laboratories research ONLY.

FDA definition of cosmetics:

The Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FD&C Act) defines cosmetics by their intended use, as "articles intended to be rubbed, poured, sprinkled, or sprayed on, introduced into, or otherwise applied to the human body...for cleansing, beautifying, promoting attractiveness, or altering the appearance" [FD&C Act, sec. 201(i)]. Among the products included in this definition are skin moisturizers, perfumes, lipsticks, fingernail polishes, eye and facial makeup preparations, cleansing shampoos, permanent waves, hair colors, and deodorants, as well as any substance intended for use as a component of a cosmetic product. 

How does the law define a drug?

The FD&C Act defines drugs, in part, by their intended use, as "articles intended for use in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease" and "articles (other than food) intended to affect the structure or any function of the body of man or other animals" [FD&C Act, sec. 201(g)(1)].

How can a product be both a cosmetic and a drug?

Some products meet the definitions of both cosmetics and drugs. This may happen when a product has two intended uses. For example, a shampoo is a cosmetic because its intended use is to cleanse the hair. An antidandruff treatment is a drug because its intended use is to treat dandruff. Consequently, an antidandruff shampoo is both a cosmetic and a drug. Among other cosmetic/drug combinations are toothpastes that contain fluoride, deodorants that are also antiperspirants, and moisturizers and makeup marketed with sun-protection claims. Such products must comply with the requirements for both cosmetics and drugs. 

What about "cosmeceuticals"?

The FD&C Act does not recognize any such category as "cosmeceuticals." A product can be a drug, a cosmetic, or a combination of both, but the term "cosmeceutical" has no meaning under the law.

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