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Our lab offers different services for estheticians. Mainly product customization and education services. Our skincare product customization program for professionals consists of two parts: back bar and retail. We are not a private label. Different than private label companies, we only produce a unique product for every one of your customers. We understand that every customer has individual needs and very different lifestyles; therefore, their skincare regimens should fit into that lifestyles. For that reason, we offer a vast and continuously growing collection of active ingredients, fragrances, and the most luxurious bases to create a unique product that fits every one of your customers or your practice. 

The program for skincare professionals' include:

  • Exclusive membership

  • Monthly or bi-monthly packages ( three travel-size products) 

    • one active ingredient of the month 

    • one fragrance of the month 

    • the base of the month 

  • Professional and unique formulations

    • Once you asses your client and create the combination of active ingredients (typically up to 3), a professional cosmetics biochemist will design your product with the maximum concentration of active ingredients. 

    • Training and guidance on skincare formulations 

  • Access to the active ingredients list for every month 

    • This list tends to change as active ingredients become available. Some active ingredients are subject to government regulations that affect availability and production time. 

  • Consulting services 

  • Airless packaging 

  • Graphic design for your product's label 

  • Wellness and ECOCERT approved ingredients and formulas 

  • CBD + Extracts are available for 2020. The list offered to selected memberships only. 

  • Hair and body formulations are available. 

  • Low minimus, we can create only one product on any available size. 

  • Training for you and your team

    • free access to webinars and education material 

  • Booking site 

  • Monthly newsletter with unique promotions and much more. 

  • Most importantly, the opportunity to offer a unique experience to your customers and extra income for your practice.

We understand how important it is to stand out from a very mature industry and your competitors. For that reason, we are committed to helping you reach your goals and establish your practice as unique and the most professional. We are here to create products to enhance your business. 

We currently have two types of membership. 

  1. Month to month box. You get a monthly or bi-monthly box with 3 travel size products, active of the month on selected base, the fragrance of the month on your chosen base, and base of the month. For skin professionals, the cost is $25 per box. No contracts. Just submit the order on the link provided. This link will be available after we confirm you are a skin care professional. New memberships and boxes will be available after January 6th, 2020. Typically boxes can be ordered within the first week of the month. 

    1. Access to the general actives ingredients list 

    2. basic product customization 

    3. Basic label (no graphic designing but your product will have your name or company's name on the label) 

    4. Airless containers 

    5. Full invoice price per order 

    6. Biochemist consulting services are available at a full price rate. Book a 15, 30, 45 or 60 min private call or fill out a form with your question for a small price. 

  2. Professional formulation package: 

    1. Base price: $250/month. 

      1. Get Access to basic training and formulators skincare evaluations. 

      2. Get discounted prices for advanced seminars. 

      3. Basic Graphic design for your labels at no cost or discounted prices for advance label designing are available.

      4. Access to our full list with the most current active ingredients. 

      5. Access to our Biochemist, any special request? Not a problem. Our Biochemist is here to answer any question or create your dream product. Service provided as orders/questions are received, You will submit a form, at no cost, and our Biochemist will respond in the order as it was received. You can also book a private 15, 30, 45, or 60 min call for a discounted price. 

      6. Booking Site and Calendar Sync

        1. Deposits to your account take 3 to 5 business days

      7. Access to our newsletter. 

      8. 20% discount on every invoiced order. 

      9. Box of the month (free)

      10. Airless containers

      11. No contracts. 


Have questions? Please send us your inquiry and let us know how we can help your brand grow. 


Services and conditions are subject to change. 




Sandra S 

Website Team 

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