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Unique Professional Formulas for Your Unique Skin Needs.
  • Clinical Skin Care
  • We focus on clinically-proven active ingredients
  • Pay only for active ingredients.
  • Customize your product just for your unique skin needs.
  • Expert formulations.
  • Potent and Clean ingredients.
  • Clear labeling
  • Endless possibilities


  • 3 Easy steps:

    1. Select your active ingredient

    2. Select your base. Our bases are prefabricated, standardized mixtures of basic ingredients for making cosmetic products in an easy and fast way. See bases list

      • Not sure which base? Order a sample pack (Sample Pack)  or (travel size pack)

      • check our current bases list on the link below. Our bases also have potent active ingredients in the formula

    3. Add Fragrance -optional (not all fragrances are available for all formulas).

      • Alternatively,  select your fragrance and add it to any of our bases. (see Fragrances section) 

Special request?  we can make it happen!  CONTACT US

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We are working in our 2020's catalog.
We will add new products daily.
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Always consult with your professional skin care provider.
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