Latin Name: Lavandula angustifolia 

Part of Plant: Flowering tops

Country of Origin: Bulgaria

Method of Production: Steam Distillation


Bulgaria is now the largest producer of lavender oil in the world and most all of the French lavender now being sold incorporates some blending with Bulgarian in order to meet demand.  Bulgarian lavender can be quite variable in quality depending on the regions its grown.  Our Bulgarian lavender is chosen from amongst the best producers with the best odor profile.  Bulgarian lavender is the most affordable of all the true lavender oils because of its massive production but is somewhat under stress in 2017 with short supply not being able to meet demand so we expect prices to continue to rise until the next harvest in Jul


Bases for fragrances

    • No returns are allowed.
    • Cancellations are accepted within 24 hours. Once the order gets to the lab for production, the order is final. 
    • Refunds usually take 3 to 5 working days.
    •  Shipping for some products is not available outside the USA.
    • This is a lab order, processing times depend on ingredients availability. If the product production takes longer than 15 -20 working days, the lab will contact you to let you know the new delivery day.
    • Thanksgiving semi-annual sale may take longer to ship due to an increase in orders.
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